What is the meaning of ———————– ?


Hyphen(———————–) Meaning

A hyphen(———————–), a punctuation mark that joins two syllables or words without any spaces between them, is used in some compound words (connected words) to make the word easier to read and clarify words that are used together. For example, the words “to-do,” “merry-go-round,” and “high-risk” are hyphenated words.

Rule 1: Use a hyphen to connect the number to the noun that follows it in a compound adjective, so the reader knows the two words are part of a unit that acts as one idea. When the first word in a compound adjective is a number, a hyphen is needed to make it clear that the number functions as a unit in the noun, no matter how many digits it takes.

Rules 2 and 3: When a noun or adjective precedes a compound modifier that combines an adverb ending in -ly with a participle or an adjective, a hyphen is used to show the compound is a unit of meaning. When the adverb or participle comes after the noun, a hyphen isn’t necessary.

A hyphen(———————–) is also used when a prefix or suffix, such as -less, -like, -hood, and -ness, is joined to a word. However, a hyphen is not usually used for other affixes, unless the lack of a hyphen would cause confusion or ambiguity. For more information, see the section on hyphenation in our Grammar Guide.

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