rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed

rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed

Have you been keeping abreast of the news from Vibrant Gujarat 2021? Rajkot Updates News during the sixth phase of vibrant Gujarat summit 135 Mous were signed, and it was a huge success. A total of 135 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) were signed during this phase, taking the total number of MoUs signed so far to 1,051.

The impact of Vibrant Gujarat can be seen everywhere in Rajkot. Businesses in the city are thriving and locals are excited about the prospects that lie ahead. But with so much news coming out of Vibrant Gujarat, it’s difficult to keep track. That’s why we’re here to provide you with up-to-date information about Rajkot news updates from the sixth phase of Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2021. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the agreements signed and other developments that have occurred during the summit. So let’s dive right in! In this article, we will discuss about rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed.

Overview of Rajkot Updates News during the sixth phase of vibrant Gujarat summit 135 Mous were signed

The Vibrant Gujarat Summit is an international event that brings foreign investors, world leaders, and business tycoons together with the Gujarat government in a bid to boost economic growth in the province. The 6th phase of the summit was held in Rajkot and saw the signing of 135 MoUs backed by investments worth Rs 7.3 lakh crore.

This is an incredibly positive sign for the region, especially considering that Rajkot saw investments of just Rs 1.5 lakh crore during the 5th phase of Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Interestingly, more than 60 percent of the total investment came from within India – a sign that corporate India has faith in our own economy for expansion and growth opportunities.

At this 6th edition, various projects were launched across sectors such as agriculture and food processing, tourism, petrochemicals, mining, logistics & port development and urban development & infrastructure. This is not only great news for Gujarat but it will positively impact India’s economy as well as create employment opportunities nationwide.

Highlights From the Sixth Phase of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit

The 6th Phase of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit was filled with exciting news from Rajkot. Not only did it mark the first major economic summit to be held in India’s westernmost region, but it also showcased some of the many promising initiatives taking place in Rajkot.

Here are some of the major highlights from this historic event:

  • A total of 135 Memorandums of Understanding were signed at the summit, bringing potential investments worth Rs 5200 crore to Rajkot.
  • The chief minister announced plans to construct over 2 lakh affordable houses in Rajkot to accommodate every citizen in need.
  • Over 9,000 hectares of land have been identified for development as industrial clusters and special economic zones in order to attract potential investors.
  • Additionally, an international exhibition center is set to be built in the city that will host a number of events and exhibitions throughout the year.

These exciting developments are sure to bring new opportunities to Rajkot and make it a leader in western India’s economy. The 6th Phase of Vibrant Gujarat Summit has been a success and serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to progress and development.

What Signed MOUs Mean for Rajkot Development

You may be wondering: what does the sign up of 135 MOUs mean for Rajkot?

The 135 MOUs signed during the sixth phase of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit were all designed to drive development in Rajkot through investment and business. This means that there is an influx of funding and jobs that will help improve Rajkot’s economy and infrastructure.

One example is the new investments announced by Reliance Industries. During the Summit, Reliance Industries shared their plans to invest ₹6000 crores into SEZ along with other major investments in manufacturing, agro-processing, and more. This means more resources for Rajkot citizens, as well as a likely boost to rajkot’s overall economic growth.

Also at the Summit, Adani Group announced their plans to invest ₹3000 crore in energy projects — this is going to create new job opportunities throughout Rajkot and Sudharshan Chemical Industries Ltd announced their intention to expand their existing facility with an investment of about ₹1500 crore — resulting in even more job opportunities for the people of Rajkot.

Clearly, these new investments indicate that there are exciting times ahead for Rajkot citizens, as it looks like a bright future of increased investment and job growth lies ahead.

Opportunities Registered in the 6th Phase

The 6th phase of the Vibrant Gujarat summit offered plenty of opportunities for Rajkot, as 135 Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) were signed during the event. This means many new business ventures, jobs, and prospects for the citizens of Rajkot.

Here are some takeaways from this phase:

  1. A whopping number of 135 MoUs with an investment outlay of ₹ 1,18,580 crores have been registered.
  2. This will result in creation of 1,76,947 direct employment opportunities in various sectors like power, cement manufacturing, food processing and textiles.
  3. Many foreign investments were made in the 12 sectors registered in this event. The top 5 countries investing in India are Japan, Singapore, USA, UAE and Netherlands.
  4. During this 6th phase, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has also unveiled several projects worth over Rs 515 crore supposed to bring more development to Rajkot city.
  5. Several emails inquiring about investment opportunities were sent to prospective investors by Industries Commissioner M K Das during the summit which is likely to bring more investments in the future.

All these records speak for themselves about the success of this 6th phase at Vibrant Gujarat Summit and show its potential as an international investment destination for investors from across the globe.

Benefits for Rajkot Residents From Vibrant Gujarat Summit

The Rajkot Updates News during the sixth phase of vibrant Gujarat summit 135 Mous were signed beneficial for Rajkot residents. During this phase, 135 memorandums of understanding (MOUs) were signed, covering finance, agriculture and industrial projects. These initiatives are expected to bring more than ₹6,000 crore of investment into the region, including nearly ₹2,000 crore of investments in Rajkot alone.

So what benefits can we expect to see? Here are some highlights:

  1. Improvements to infrastructure: The funds earmarked for Rajkot will be used to build a variety of infrastructure projects. These include water supply networks and roads in rural areas, as well as better sanitation systems throughout the city.
  2. More employment opportunities: There will be an increased demand for skilled workers in various sectors, including agriculture and manufacturing. This could lead to thousands of new jobs in the region and give residents more options when it comes to finding employment.
  3. Boost to tourism: The increased investment in the area should help boost tourism in Rajkot and lead to more opportunities for businesses related to tourism such as hotels, restaurants and shops.

The sixth phase of the Vibrant Gujarat summit has brought a wealth of benefits for Rajkot residents that we can only start to imagine now—but will certainly enjoy in the years ahead!

Government Legislation for Development in Rajkot

During the sixth phase of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in Rajkot, 135 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed. The MoUs are set to bring massive development to Rajkot and the rest of Gujarat, with a focus on providing a better livelihood to citizens through government legislation and initiatives.

The MoUs that were signed included projects from various departments, such as tourism, agriculture, urban development, healthcare, education and infrastructure. A total investment of Rs 41,600 crore was made for these projects which will help develop Rajkot into an even more vibrant city.

One such initiative includes funding for the construction of a network of waterways in order to provide better means of connectivity between Rajkot and smaller cities around it. This will enable goods to be transported faster and more efficiently while opening up job opportunities in transport and logistics services along the way.

Government legislation was also announced to encourage new enterprises in Rajkot’s industrial sector by providing them with tax incentives and easier access to capital to get their businesses up-and-running faster. Small-scale manufacturers will be able to benefit from low-interest loans provided by the government as part of its ‘Make In India’ campaign.

These initiatives are expected to have a positive impact on both the economy and standard of living in Rajkot as more businesses open up, creating thousands of jobs for its citizens.


With the Rajkot Updates News during the sixth phase of vibrant Gujarat summit 135 Mous were signed  now in the books, it’s clear that the event was a great success. The summit brought together global leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the latest trends in sustainable development and create 135 Memorandums of Understanding.

These MoUs are expected to create new job opportunities, spur industrial development and modernize infrastructure in the region. This sixth phase of Vibrant Gujarat has surely been a momentous and historic event, and it’s a sign of the incredibly bright future that Rajkot has to look forward to. To know more about rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed just click on the below link:

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