The Top 3 NFT Games of 2018

ballies nft

Ballies are NFTs that let you enter the Meta-Court and become part of an exclusive community. Owning a Ballies allows you to play the first basketball game that rewards players for winning games and tournaments. It also provides access to the photo-realistic metaverse.

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Battle Infinity

The Battle Infinity is an NFT-based play-to-earn sports game where users can form virtual teams and compete against others to win rewards. Players can choose from a variety of popular sports, including cricket, football, basketball, and hockey. They can also select from a range of player types and manage their team to optimize its performance. The game offers a variety of features, including a metaverse and blockchain integration, and is backed by a highly experienced team.

The game is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Players can download it from the official website or through the Google Play Store. To play, players must first register and verify their identity. Once registered, they can begin to earn IBAT tokens. Once they’ve earned enough IBAT, they can use them to purchase new in-game items. There are also several ways to earn IBAT, such as completing tasks and participating in tournaments.

In addition to its gameplay, Battle Infinity features a metaverse and blockchain integration that makes it unique among other NFT games. The game’s developers are aiming to bring the gaming industry into the 21st century by uniting it with the metaverse and blockchain. This will give players more control over their gaming experience while protecting them from dishonest intruders.

While the game is still in beta, it’s already making waves in the cryptocurrency community. It has a large following and is backed by an impressive team. The game’s founders have extensive experience in the crypto space and are bringing their expertise to the project.

Battle Infinity is a sports-themed NFT mobile game with a metaverse and blockchain integration. The game is based on the concept of fantasy league sports and was developed by a core team in India. The game’s CEO is marketing expert Suresh Joshi, who also serves as the project’s CTO. The company’s co-founder is Jagjeet Jena, a graduate of Uttranchal University in India.

Battle Infinity is a P2E (play-to-earn) sports gaming platform with a metaverse and blockchain integration that allows gamers to build their own teams and compete for prizes. Players can earn IBAT by playing games, participating in contests, and referring friends to the platform. The platform also has a decentralized exchange called Battle Swap that lets users sell and buy IBAT tokens. The platform also has a staking feature that gives gamers interest on their staked tokens.


Developed by Kokeshi Academy Nerd 148 Studios, SolaJump is the world’s first play-to-win short game on the Solana blockchain. It aims to revive the short gaming trend by using NFTs to revolutionize the old-style gameplay and bring back the excitement and financial rewards. To play the game, gamers must buy SolaJump NFTs to compete in a tournament and win big prizes.

The game features a simple 2D art style and a fast-paced action-packed gameplay. Players control a character that automatically jumps up onto platforms. The higher they jump, the more points they make. The platforms can move and break, so players must be careful to avoid them. Read more about: ballies nft.

SolaJump is available on iOS and Android devices. In the mobile version, players can earn SOL coins and NFTs by playing the game. The more SOL coins they earn, the better their rank. The NFTs can be used to buy items that improve the player’s performance. Players can also unlock special characters and participate in tournaments. The top ten players in the tournament will receive valuable rewards, including SOL coins and NFTs.

Aside from the monetary prizes, the SolaJump team is also giving away free NFTs and character lives to the best players. The first round of tournaments will start in January 2022, and the winning players will share a prize pool worth 100 SOL.

The prize pool will increase throughout the year, as more NFTs are minted and tournaments are held. The initial minting of 10,000 algorithmically generated SolaJump NFTs will take place in December, and each one will cost 1 SOL.

Each NFT comes with ten lives, which can be used to compete in the Genesis tournament. After the tournament, the NFT can be traded on the secondary market or kept and used to play in future tournaments. The company plans to launch a Jump Coin in February 2022, which will allow players to bet on the outcome of future tournaments and receive prizes. The developer has also hinted that the Jump Coin will be used in a PVP mode that will be released later this year.

Souls of Nature

The question of whether souls exist has been pondered since the dawn of philosophy as a discipline. The concept of a life-giving essence inherent to all things has been the subject of many cultures throughout history, and even if humans haven’t seen a devil, they have still had experiences that suggest that the soul is real.

These experiences include dreams, deep emotion, love, the quiet voice of guidance, synchronicities, and revelations. They can also come in the form of illness, nightmares, and terrors.

The search for physical correlates of the soul has been a grand challenge in science. If the soul is a special extract of nothingness, its signature on the electromagnetic spectrum would be very difficult to detect.

If this is the case, the soul may not be measurable at all. However, there are other ways to observe the behavior of an object without knowing its exact composition. One way is to knock out a key component of a system and see what happens.

Ballyverse is the basketball-focused metaverse developed by award-winning young digital artist Keivo. The world’s first NFT 2.0 basketball game features dope art, a dope community, and exclusive perks. Become king of the meta-court, win esports games and tournaments, attend surprise talks with real-life basketball stars, and participate in other immersive activities.

Players can earn $BOTB tokens in the Ballyverse by participating in social-impact activities. The Bally fam has been active in music and fashion industries, and they’re working to partner with local youth communities and charities.

The game will soon launch Ballys got Talent, an auditioning theatre where players can vote on emerging musical talent. They can also shop for merch online on platforms that accept the $BOTB token and receive a discount.


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