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Melanie Martinez’s creative drive and talents have made her a stand-out amongst her peers. Her 2x Platinum-certified 2015 debut album Cry Baby topped Billboard’s alternative albums chart and has garnered over 4.5 billion streams worldwide.

The singer-songwriter recently forayed into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) launching her very own collection at MakersPlace.

The new collection called CyberBaby Toy Shop is inspired by her own vintage stuffed animals and builds a bridge between the real world and metaverse. Read more about : melanie martinez nft.

Cry Baby

Cry Baby is an empath, meaning she feels everything around her. She is sensitive to emotions and can also change the appearance of objects. She has the ability to teleport objects and move them, as well as manipulate water, air, and other substances.

She can also use her powers to change the appearance of others, including herself. She has been shown using her abilities in music videos, storybooks, and other mediums.

She is often a teen girl, although her age varies throughout the series. Her physical features include brown hair in twin-drill pigtails with bows varying in color and a gap between her two front teeth. She wears a variety of outfits, but is often seen in dresses with shoes and pastel yellow socks. Her hair is often dyed a different color, which varies between songs and scenes.

In K-12, Cry Baby is revealed to be an empath guided by a spirit named Lilith. Lilith claims that Cry Baby has had many past lives and has the ability to read people’s emotions. She is able to communicate with other empaths and can teleport herself into their bodies.

Cry Baby also has the ability to manipulate matter, such as changing the appearance of a petal or tele-materializing a telephone during “Pacify Her”. She can also tele-materialize a ladder when climbing it in “Orange Juice”.

As an empath, she feels things strongly and has a strong desire to express herself. She often reflects this in her songwriting, with lyrics expressing emotions and events she has experienced. She is also able to create relationships with other characters that have the same powers.

She and a boy that she calls Alphabet Boy become a couple, although he often leaves her feeling suffocated. She later realizes that this is a one-sided relationship and ends it (“Carousel”).

During lunch, Cry Baby and her friends Kelly and Fleur meet Magnolia, another student with the same powers as them. She finds out that they all have the ability to change the appearance of others, including themselves. At one point, Cry Baby grows her braids long enough to choke Kelly.


Dollhouse is an incredibly interesting concept: a company that programs people for your every need and desire. The premise is brilliant and the actors are fantastic, especially Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett. Unfortunately, purely episodic episodes and a lack of serialized storylines often prevent Dollhouse from reaching its full potential.

The Dollhouse corporation runs numerous underground establishments around the world that program individuals known as Actives with temporary personalities and skills. Read more about : melanie martinez nft.

These individuals are hired by wealthy clients for a variety of purposes, including heists, sexual encounters, and assassinations. The Dollhouse can create anything a client wants, though they must provide a hefty fee.

Actives are programmed with personality holograms that are stored in a special matrix, which is located in the body of the individual. Topher Brink, the head of Dollhouse, uses this technology to imprint a new personality in an Active if necessary. Despite being cynical and ego-driven, Topher shows a conscience, and he struggles with moral issues throughout the series.

In the end, Dollhouse is ultimately unable to save mankind from itself. The first season ends with the mind-wiping process from Rossum’s remote control device reversing itself and turning 90% of the planet into mindless, kill-crazy zombies who are out to destroy those not infected. Echo, along with fellow “actuals” Mag, Zone, and the re-imprinted Caroline, must find Safe Haven to save humanity from destruction.

The second season of Dollhouse is arguably the best episode of the entire series. It explores the effects of the Mind Wipe and gives the audience a glimpse into the future of Dollhouse. It also introduces a new character, Dr. Paul Ballard, who is trying to track down the Dollhouse operation.

During the season, Dollhouse is often criticized for its low ratings and weak writing. However, the show improved enough to be renewed for a second season. This second season is better than the first, and the final episode concludes with a satisfying cliffhanger. Ultimately, Dollhouse was one of the most underrated television shows of its time. Its underlying themes of morality and identity make it well worth watching.


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