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Chimpers is a collection of 1/1 hand-drawn characters with a backstory that binds together a vast world- The Chimverse. The project was created by twin brothers Oliver and Jake from Manchester in their mid-twenties under the pseudonyms of Timpers and Insight.

It began with The Boring Ape Chronicles (TBAC) a community-driven collection of six interconnected episodes featuring Timpers art and Insight’s storytelling. This paved the way for an evolving Web3 adventure story filled with lore and metaverse/community initiatives. Read more about : chimpers nft.

1. The Boring Ape Chronicles (TBAC)

Launched in April, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (TBAC) collection has become a blue chip in the NFT space with its pixelated primates commanding high prices at auction. The collection’s success is due to its unique rewards, opportunities and lore. It has also garnered a lot of publicity, especially through its association with celebrities like Eminem, Mark Cuban and Paris Hilton.

TBAC is an immersive pixelated world and a creative story that lets collectors become part of the action. It is an NFT platform that’s not just for investment, but also for fostering community involvement. As the platform continues to grow, it has fulfilled many of its initial goals such as listening to the community and implementing changes based on feedback.

The first episode titled ‘Ape Wakening’ has already seen a great deal of interest from the community with prominent BAYC holders such as Crypto 888, Josh ONG, Richerd, Mondoir, Kev Wuzy and Dragonseller showing their support for the project. Similarly, the second episode has been a hit with more BAYC holders eager to take part in the action.

The team has taken a lot of positive feedback from the community and is continuously working on expanding the scope of TBAC. Its current roadmap includes a new episode every two months, an interactive eBook and a one-of-one collector drop for full set owners. It also paves the way for a future generative drop that would see more NFTs being added to the universe of TBAC.

This will be a game-changing move for the NFT world, and is sure to make TBAC even more popular in the coming years. However, investors should remember that this is a risky investment. Popular items can easily lose their popularity once a newer product comes along and grabs the attention of investors.

2. Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collection is a set of 5555 one-of-a-kind digital characters created by the world famous pixel artist known as Timpers. These unique NFTs are the center of a Web3 adventure story full of lore and art. This project has taken the Cryptoverse by storm in an environment where most are suffering from a bear market.

Originally minting at 0.07ETH in May of 2021, the Genesis NFTs are a core element to TBAC (The Boring Ape Chronicles). The creators of the game have done a fantastic job of rewarding their ecosystem of collectors since the initial mint. This has included giving away additional tokens to full sets, announcing the release of new content, and even giving a free NFT titled “Diamond Fleece.”

Diamond Fleece is a direct connection to the core TBAC premise that brought Chimpers into existence. Unlike the Genesis NFTs, which are connected to a larger universe, the Diamond Fleeces are directly connected to the upcoming TBAC Animated Production called “The Quest for the Diamond Fleece.”

Timpers is a well-known YouTuber who has worked on many projects before finding his true love in pixel art. His unique style is sure to change the way people look at NFTs in the future. In addition to his pixel art, he also works on projects that are focused on social change such as KOLLECTIVE and RTFKT.

This collection is a great way to support the creation of more content from the team behind TBAC. It will be interesting to see how the developers continue to build and provide value for their ecosystem of collectors. They have proven that they are the type of company that will be around for a long time by keeping their promises and providing exciting new content.

3. Diamond Fleece

The apes have fought with humans for decades, but they finally reclaimed their land and pushed the humans out forever. However, before they could vanquish the human race for good, they had to discard the evidence of what they had created. So they launched the Chimpers DNA into the voids of space, hoping that their creation would never see the light of day. But destiny had other plans. Centuries passed, and the Chimpers expanded across the galaxy, merging with new worlds and forming their own species.

Chimpers is a popular PFP NFT collection that has grown into a full-on metaverse project with art, lore, and community initiatives. It is led by pixel artist Timpers, who has extensive experience with a number of NFT projects including RTFKT, KOLLECTIVE, INTERLEAVE, and BAYC x Rolling Stone magazine.

One of the key things that sets this project apart is how it gamifies collecting. While other NFTs have focused on a single launch and rewarded collectors immediately after mint, the Chimpers team has opted for a slow burn approach. This strategy allows them to hone the collectible and build a loyal following without having to worry about scaling immediately after mint.

The first release of the collection was “THE QUEST FOR THE DIAMOND FLEECE.” This episode was released in December 2021 and gave collectors the chance to buy a full set of six Chimpers Genesis NFTs. Upon release, the price of the Genesis NFTs was 0.07 ETH, and those who purchased them also received a “Quest for the Diamond Fleece” e-book. This helped establish the storyline and sparked interest in future releases. The project has since grown into a full-blown metaverse adventure with more episodes, new characters, and even a battle system.

4. Adventures

Chimpers is a collection of NFTs that began with The Boring Ape Chronicles (TBAC). TBAC was a series of interconnected episodes that combined Timper’s art and Insight’s storytelling to create a narrative that involved the apes searching for an ancient diamond fleece.

Following TBAC, the Chimpers team announced a long-term collaboration with Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. The collaboration was a significant milestone for the collection as it allowed it to tap into a massive, legacy IP brand and potentially increase its reach amongst crypto enthusiasts.

The announcement was met with positive reception from the community and caused a rise in floor price of the collection by almost 6%. Read more about : chimpers nft.

In addition to the TMNT partnership, the Chimpers team has continued to innovate and provide different experiences for its holders since minting. This includes a variety of digital and physical events for its collectors to participate in and various competitions with ETH prizes for the winners.

Additionally, the team has created a system called DOJO that allows holders to earn rewards and play games with their Chimpers. DOJO is a unique system that has been able to stand out from other similar collections in the NFT space.

This is because DOJO is able to reward holders with minimal activity, and this has helped it maintain its momentum during one of the most challenging periods for NFTs in recent memory.

The pixel style anime or digital vibe of the artwork on the Chimpers is also a big draw for many holders. The design is fun and colorful, incorporating anime culture, brilliant colors, and expressions that capture the essence of the Chimpersverse. The collection has proven to be successful thus far, and it’s hard not to be optimistic about the future of this NFT.


Despite being a relatively new NFT, Chimpers has quickly grabbed eyeballs with its riveting story and engaging art. Its community is thriving, and the team has curated an enthusiastic fanbase that is always on the lookout for more opportunities to earn rewards.

As a testament to the project’s success, it recently announced a partnership with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise and Paramount, its parent company. This news sent the price floor soaring to over 1.5 ETH, but we believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future catalysts for the Chimpersverse.

Its lore recounts that Chimpers have waged war with humans for decades, but they were finally able to reclaim their land and push the humans out. Before they were vanquished, however, the humans had to destroy all evidence of their creation.

In an attempt to conceal their DNA, they launched it into space, hoping that it would never see the light of day. However, destiny had different plans. The Chimpers’ DNA branched out across the galaxy, new species formed, and a new age began.

The platform features a variety of one-of-a-kind characters that can be collected and traded. These rare creatures are also capable of battling each other in the Dojo, where winners receive 4 XP and losers lose 1 XP. Battles are automated and take place every day, with the top 50 characters featured on a leaderboard.

The Dojo is a hub where players can learn more about the game, its characters, and its mechanics. This allows them to gain an edge over their competitors and win even more rewards. This is an excellent strategy for encouraging player retention and attracting new users.


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