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In pop culture, aliens are typically depicted as mean. But the wholesome community of alien frens proves that extraterrestrials can be friendly too.

The collection of 10,000 generative art NFTs crash landed from space on December 19th. Since then, they’ve grown to include merch utility, real-life events, and exclusive perks for holders. Read more about: alien frens nft.

What is Alien Frens?

In pop culture, aliens are usually depicted as hostile invaders. But one metaverse collection is bucking the trend with friendly visitors that have the whole internet captivated. The community-driven NFT collection called Alien Frens has racked up a large Twitter following and celebrity support from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. In a less than a month after launch, its floor price on NFT marketplace OpenSea has touched 4 ETH and continues to rise.

The project launched on December 19th in a pre-sale event for whitelisted users and a public sale the following day. The frens are cartoon-style avatar NFTs that can be customized with different backgrounds, bodies, eyes, mouths, hats, and rare 1-of-1 traits. The collection’s rarity is a key differentiator from other NFTs, as higher-rarity frens are worth more on the secondary market and can unlock rewards for holders at special invasion events.

One of these events will take place on January 15th, and will include a Los Angeles-based event for all holders with exclusive merchandise drops. The frens are also releasing a 30-page comic book that will reveal more of the story behind Planet Fren and its mysterious inhabitants.

Along with these real-life events and new merchandise, the team has made it a priority to reward holders of their OG aliens with extra perks like access to an exclusive Discord channel, physical events, and quarterly prizes. And just recently, the team announced a new incubator utility that allows holders to burn their OG aliens for an upgrade into Alien Frens Evolution NFTs.

The project’s team consists of the founder and lead artist Mason Crowe, marketing manager Justin Brown, developer Autopixel, and community manager Monti. The team is active on social media and in their official Discord, and they’re all doxxed (meaning their identities have been revealed).

This is a good sign for any dev team as it shows they are open to feedback from the community and are not afraid of being pulled off a rug. Their transparent approach has built a community of loyal followers who are excited to see what the future holds for this playful NFT collection.

What is the Future of Alien Frens?

The top 10 most expensive alien frens sold for hefty sums of money. The top seller was a pink alien named #7711 that sold for 2 ETH. Its unique features include a Polka Dot sweater, Zombie Xenos body, Gummy Worms eyes, and Dark Jacket. This alien is probably one of the most fun NFTs out there, and it breaks a stereotype that usually shows aliens as not very friendly creatures.

The creators of the top 10 most expensive alien frens wanted to make an NFT that was a lot of fun to own. They also wanted to make a community that was fun and exciting to be a part of. They have definitely succeeded in both of these goals. The community is vibrant and thriving, and the project has been supported by some of the biggest names in crypto.

Alien Frens was created to be a community-first project, and the team has been very generous in rewarding their holders. They have given away millions in prizes, apparel, and in-person events. They also have an exclusive holder-only Discord channel and a store.

Recently, the Alien Frens team announced a new feature called the “Incubator”. This allows you to upgrade your original alien frens into an alien frens V2 NFT. You can either burn your incubator to receive a new alien frens evolution, or you can hold it for future use.

In addition to the Incubator, the team is planning more cool perks for OG alien frens owners. They will be hosting more Twitter Spaces in the coming months, and they will reward long-term holders with extra rewards during upcoming invasions.

Another big thing that the team is working on is an augmented reality game that will allow you to explore Planet Fren. The game will launch sometime in 2022, and it should be a lot of fun to play.

There are many other great things in store for the future of Alien Frens. The team is making a lot of progress on their roadmap, and it looks like they are on track to hit all of their milestones. The community is excited about the upcoming features, and they are sure to continue to attract a wide audience of NFT collectors.

What is the Roadmap of Alien Frens?

Alien frens is a community-driven collection of 10,000 randomly generated aliens on the Ethereum blockchain that rewards its owners with both virtual and real-life perks. This includes a PFP, access to in-person events and exclusive merch utility, the $FRENS token, and an immersive virtual experience. It is a very interesting NFT project that has already built up a loyal following amongst fans.

The Alien Frens team is dedicated to creating a healthy community and has set up a series of exciting events for its holders to enjoy. These include a quarterly event called an Invasion that allows the Alien Frens to invade other planets and earn prizes. These prizes can include new UFOs, Cool Cats NFTs, crypto, and more.

The team has also planned a number of other events for its community, including a Clothing Drop Vol 2 and a full-length music album by rap artist Murda Beatz.

All of the events are free to attend, and there is a hefty prize pool for the top 10 performers in each game. This is a great way to encourage players to participate and help them improve their skills in the game. The prize pool is worth a total of 1,100 ETH, which means that it is not impossible to win big prizes in the games!

In addition to the prizes, the Alien Frens team has also promised to add new perks for its community members in the future. This includes new comic books, in-person events, and more merch. The team has also announced that it will release a roadmap 2.0 in March, which is a great sign that they are committed to building the community.

Alien Frens is one of the most promising NFT projects on the market, and it has a lot of potential to grow into a major player in the gaming industry. The community is extremely active, and the developers are very responsive to feedback. This makes it a great NFT to invest in!

The team behind the Alien Frens project is a group of experienced professionals who have worked on numerous high-profile projects. The team is composed of marketing lead Justin Brown, developer Autopixel, community manager Monti, and behind the scenes superstar Sean Herron. The team has a strong focus on transparency, and all of the developers are doxxed, which is an excellent sign of accountability.

What is the Community of Alien Frens?

Despite aliens often getting a bad rap in pop culture, these cute digital avatars are stealing hearts and making waves on the Ethereum blockchain. Launched December 20th, the collection sparked a metaverse-wide frenzy with over 1 million unique owners within 24 hours – despite being offered at 0.02 ETH per NFT at launch (a bargain considering its current value).

One of the main reasons for the success of this community-first NFT is that the project listens to its holders and acts in their best interests. The project team has already given back over $2,000,000 in prizes to their community through special “invasion” events, Twitter giveaways, free merchandise, community game nights, and more.

The project also boasts a relatively decentralized ownership distribution with the top holder owning only 44 out of 10,000 NFTs (0.44%), meaning it has a desirable absence of major whales. Its community is growing rapidly too with a huge following on Twitter and a Discord channel that has over 20,000 members enjoying exclusive perks.

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is among the notable big names supporting the project with 36 frens, and the team has even started a podcast to keep its community informed. Read more about: alien frens nft.

The core team behind the Alien Frens NFTs is a talented group of people that complement each other well. Founder and lead artist Mason Crowe is a 2D/3D artist from Ohio that came up with the idea for the project, while marketing lead Justin Brown is in charge of the NFTs’ products, events, intellectual property, and partnerships.

Developer Autopixel is an experienced NFT and DeFi expert that connects blockchains to real world applications. Community manager Gabriel Montane manages the NFTs’ community and IRL partnerships, while behind the scenes partner/sponsorships expert Sean Herron brings his extensive experience building brands and teams to the table.

One of the biggest milestones that the project has achieved so far is the release of its native FREN coin. The tokens have intrinsic utility, and OG frens holders can use them to upgrade their tokens to the Alien Frens Evolution NFTs by airdropping incubators. These new NFTs are able to be whitelisted in partnership NFTs like the Football Critters, and they can also earn rewards at alien invasion events.


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