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According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, Web3 marketing is predicted to achieve a $100 billion industry value by 2030. Web3 is the future of the internet and several Web3 PR trends are reshaping the industry. With the rise of the gig economy and the increased use of artificial intelligence, web3 PR management has become essential. This article shares some tips and warnings related to Web3 PR. So, read along and refine your PR strategies.

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Importance of Web3 PR Strategy

The best way is to collaborate with a crypto PR agency and develop plans to grow your projects. But why are such marketing efforts necessary?

●               PR helps you build relationships.
●               Through PR efforts, you can be a thought leader in the Web3 space.
●               It aids in gaining trust and credibility.

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Web3 PR

The Do’s

Understand your audience

The first step to creating any successful PR strategy is understanding the audience. You can conduct market research and attend conferences and meet-ups to interact with the Web3 community. Interactions on social media channels are also helpful.

Tell a story

Spin newsworthy stories about cryptocurrency. To secure people’s attention, think something out of the box – like revisiting the findings of a recent report, hosting online discussion sessions, etc. Generate as much attention as possible but don’t go overboard.

Build a brand persona

While honing your Web3 PR, remember to establish a unique voice for your brand. The language you use should align with the brand personality and it should be reflected in all your communications.

Present quality content

Whether it’s a blog, a video, a reel, or a podcast – craft rich, informative and entertaining content. Add enough visual content to spark interest among your audience. Make sure that your content aligns with the brand personality and voice.

Select the right channel

Find out the most appropriate media channels for promoting your content. Niche down and choose relevant outlets keeping in mind your PR budget. Apart from Reddit, Discord, Telegram and Medium; there are several Web3 platforms where you can engage with the Web3 community.

Create a detailed PR strategy

Fuse SEO into your public relations strategy to increase company visibility and gain more leads. Conduct thorough keyword research and build strong internal links within your website. Enhance your crypto PR distribution by optimising your website pages.

Evaluate the results

Set achievable PR goals and revisit them from time to time. Choose the right metrics to monitor your efforts and use appropriate tools and resources to track your performance. Once you have the data, interpret the results and adjust your PR strategy accordingly. 

The Don’ts

Don’t follow conventional PR strategies

Web3 is a constantly evolving and dynamic world. Instead of relying on traditional media, you can check out more interesting mediums for reaching your target audience. Channels such as Discord, Telegram and Reddit are good places to start.

Don’t forget decentralised channels

You will often find Web3 enthusiasts through decentralised communication channels. As part of your Web3 PR strategy, consider embracing platforms where you will find an existing community of interested customers.

Don’t practice aggressive marketing

Aggressive marketing is a strict no-no in this industry. From sharing misleading advertisements to constantly spamming your subscribers—overselling your brand does not work and often backfires. It is important to provide genuine information and encourage valuable interactions.

Don’t ignore community interactions

Community-initiated content works best as it enhances brand visibility with minimal activity from the company’s side. When you build authentic relationships with your followers or subscribers, your PR strategies get amplified automatically.

Don’t overlook knowledge dissemination

Talking about crypto PR, brands often forget the important aspect of knowledge sharing and focus only on their marketing efforts. If you want to stand apart from the other brands in the market, consider a mix of education and entertainment in your marketing methods. 

Don’t shy away from influencer collaborations

When you don’t extend your PR efforts by collaborating with influencers, you remain unnoticed and miss a bundle of opportunities. However, choose influencers wisely because people start associating your brand with the influencers once you pair up with them.

Don’t reject feedback

The worst thing that can kill your Web3 PR is not being open to feedback and constructive criticism. Encourage the Web3 community to point out the gaps in your strategies, address those mistakes and rectify them.

Final Thoughts

Taking your crypto project to the next level is not easy. But with the top crypto PR 2023 companies, you can do that effortlessly while adhering to your budget. Are you struggling with your Web3 PR strategy? Blockwiz can skyrocket your PR efforts. Specialized in all things Web3 PR, Blockwiz is an award-winning web3 PR agency providing marketing services to help you create a better impact in the Web3 world.


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