Launching New Sections and Products for IPL Fans

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With the new season of IPL getting underway, ESPNcricinfo has launched several innovative sections and products for cricket fans. They include a new Travel section, which gives fans information and tips on travelling to IPL host cities.

Ask Rahul is a weekly video segment in which the legendary cricketer answers one fan’s questions. ESPNcricinfo also has a Google+ Hangout with the brand’s leading journalists each day of the tournament. Read more about : espncricinfo ipl.

Coverage of all IPL matches

ESPNcricinfo – the benchmark for game around cricket coverage and fan engagement – takes its leadership role a notch higher this season with an expanded repertoire of organic and brand-led content. The platform caters to a variety of distinct fan-centric audiences across formats and segments that are innovative, interactive and new-age.

The bespoke, contemporary content series, Maruti Suzuki presents ASKcricinfo Top 5, is a prime example of this. The weekly proposition leverages the aggregation of interesting user searches through ASKcricinfo, to drive topical discussions and witty commentary. It is designed to resonate with fans who are constantly evolving in their content consumption habits.

With the onset of IPL, ESPNcricinfo has seen a spike in unique users, video views and engagement. These have been aided by the content partnerships that ESPNcricinfo has executed on the basis of three key pillars: topicality, scalability and relatability.

This unique content approach helps brands to align with fans in a highly targeted manner, while leveraging the brand’s core values and message. In addition, this approach ensures that the content remains unbiased and uncluttered. Moreover, it also provides a great opportunity to engage with a loyal and informed cricket-loving audience.

The platform has a rich repository of data-backed research and analysis that allows fans to gain deeper insights into their favourite teams and players. They can explore player value, team formation, each bid and more. Read more about : espncricinfo ipl.


The Superstats section of the site takes cricket analytics to a whole new level. Launched in partnership with ESPNcricinfo, it features a range of new metrics such as Luck Index and Forecaster that help give context to every event in the game and also venture into new territory such as luck analysis.

The new ‘Luck Index’ feature allows fans to gauge how lucky a player has been during a particular period of the match. It uses complex algorithms based on machine learning to process accurate and fast data, quantify the impact of luck, and analyse the real value of players’ performance in real time. This is a first in the world of sport and will allow users to gain a new perspective on the game.

Other key new features include the ‘Smart Stats’ system, which gives a more realistic view of players’ performances by considering factors such as pitch conditions and the quality of opposition. This will help fans assess batting and bowling performances in a more holistic manner.

The ESPNcricinfo team of world class commentators will provide live commentary on all matches, while the Facebook integration gives fans a chance to chat and discuss with other fans during the games. Fans can also have their say in the opinion section of the website and have access to a wide variety of statistics and information.

The Cordon

The Cordon section of espncricinfo ipl provides a new doorway into the world of cricket fans. It features articles and commentary written by fans on the aspects of the game that they are most passionate about. It also offers a space for discussion and debate between fans and the ESPNcricinfo editorial team of writers and journalists.

It is an important part of the site’s social media integration and community. Read more about : espncricinfo ipl.

The word cordon is derived from the Old French word for a line of sentinels or military guards. It also refers to a cord or ribbon worn diagonally across the breast as a badge of honor or decoration. In modern usage, it refers to a police tape or similar border stretched around an area where access is restricted. Troops cordoned off the riot zone.

In addition to the traditional scorecard and stats, ESPNcricinfo’s Match Companion features a Twitter feed, Facebook live chat, live graphs, and more. This is a great way to keep up with the latest news and analysis during a game. It can also help you keep track of your friends’ scores and progress in the match.

The ESPNcricinfo editorial team will also provide commentary throughout the match. The site is available in both English and Hindi. It also includes a chat feature that allows you to interact with other fans and share photos. It is free to use and can be accessed by both Android and iPhone devices.

Harsha’s IPL Weekly

Harsha Bhogle, who is well-known for his cricket commentary, will be filing a video diary for ESPNcricinfo during the tournament. He is a veteran commentator who has been associated with the sport for decades. He is also a television host and has anchored several sports shows.

Besides this, he is an avid writer and has written several books. He has a television programme called Harsha Ki Khoj which is aired on Star Sports.

In addition to Bhogle, ESPNcricinfo has a host of other experts in their roster. The website will feature a travel section that delivers guides for fans travelling to the IPL’s host cities. The sections will include tips for travellers, must-dos and photo galleries. The website will also feature a video series where players will share their experiences on the road.

In another new development, ESPNcricinfo has launched a social scorecard that allows fans to interact with each other during a match. The site’s social features include a chatroom, Twitter integration and live graphs. It will allow users to discuss the match and share their opinions. It also gives them access to in-depth stats and information.

The company will also have an Ask Rahul feature, in which the legendary Indian cricketer will answer one fan’s question. This is an excellent way to engage fans and create an authentic, fun experience. This is the first time that ESPNcricinfo has launched this type of technology for a sports event.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a video chat platform that lets you communicate with your audience in real-time. It works on both computers and mobile devices such as Android and iOS phones and tablets. Hangouts can also include a text chat component and the ability to share photos and documents with groups.

The best thing about a Google+ Hangout is that it can be made public, so anyone can view it and participate in your event. It can also be saved as a video to YouTube, so that people can watch the session later on their own. A public Google+ Hangout On Air can be an effective way to show off your expertise and connect with your audience.

When you host a Hangout, it is important to customize your event page to promote it. This includes the description, which should clearly state what the event is about and how it benefits your viewers.

It is also a good idea to add what is called a Lower Third graphic, which is an image that covers part of the bottom of the video screen. Read more about : espncricinfo ipl.

Building authority with Google+ Hangouts is an excellent way to expand your reach and build relationships with other authors. It can also help you boost your search engine rankings by adding the rel=”author” tag to your content, which can lead to better personalized search results.

In addition to increasing your authority, Hangouts can also help you increase traffic through guest blogging opportunities.


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