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Icy tools is a great NFT analysis tool that helps you track the value of your NFT portfolio. It also allows you to set custom smart alerts for when a wallet, holder or collection mints or sells.

Its only downside is that it only supports Ethereum research. But it does have a roadmap for multi-chain support.

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Real-time Floor Price

The worlds of games/entertainment and money continue to merge as NFTs become increasingly popular. There are several different ways to make money off of NFTs, including selling them for profit, trading them, or simply holding on to them for a while. However, those who consistently make $$$ are no noobs; they usually invest a lot of time in their research and have access to the right tools.

One of the most important factors in NFT trading is the real-time floor price, which is the lowest possible price for an item. The floor price is always changing, and it’s important to check it often to be aware of what’s happening in the market. This can help you decide whether to buy or sell an NFT based on its current value in the marketplace.

There are a few NFT price floor tools that can be used to track this information. Icy Tools NFT is a good option, and it’s updated regularly. It’s also available for free. However, it does not show all the NFTs in the market, so you may need to do a little more digging. NFT Nerds is another tool that serious NFT traders should consider using. It’s built by mathematicians and coders, and its charts are live all the time. It does, however, not cover all the projects, so it’s not as comprehensive as Icy Tools NFT.

Another good NFT pricing tool is flooredApe. This tool lets you track NFT prices in real time and provides a variety of analytics for your NFT portfolio. It can even detect discounted NFTs that are listed below the floor price, which can be a good way to find some good deals.

Alternatively, you can use NFT Nerds’ NFT price floor chart to get the same information. It’s also free, but it does not have as much data as Icy Tools NFT. Its free tier does not offer the 15m and 30m options, which are crucial for NFT traders. It also does not have a mobile experience, so it’s best used on desktop.

Icy tools nft has 2 tiers: free and premium. The premium tier is 75 dollars a month and includes more customization tools. It also shows trending collections and real-time floors. It also gives you the ability to add custom wallet alerts via text or discord. Acording to its roadmap, Icy Tools will soon add additional features, such as the ability to consolidate multiple wallets and Solana support.

Trending Collections

NFTs are popular for their ability to bring a physical experience to the virtual world. But they are also highly volatile and often difficult to track, especially when you’re tracking them manually. To make this process easier, there are several tools that allow you to view NFT market data and sales in real time. These tools can help you track the progress of your portfolio and determine when it’s time to buy or sell.

One of the most popular NFT analytics tools is BitDegree, which tracks 357 different NFT collections across 58 marketplaces and three protocols. The site allows you to see which NFTs are performing well in the market and analyze their performance over the past 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days. Its NFT ranking page includes a list of the top performing NFTs, with details on their sale price and volume.

Another useful NFT analysis tool is NFT OnChained, which offers a free service that lets users search for underpriced NFTs. It uses machine learning to estimate the current fair value of NFTs by analyzing their rarity, traits, and market data. The service also provides an NFT price history chart and top holder charts to help investors make informed decisions.

Icy Tools is another popular NFT analytics tool that helps investors make informed decisions by highlighting profitable opportunities. Its Wallet and Collection Analysis feature lets you see the full mint, buy, and sell history of any wallet or collection in real time. It can also detect rarities, and you can set up custom alerts to receive SMS, Telegram, Discord, or webhook notifications when a wallet, NFT collection, or project mints or sells.

Icy Tools NFT also offers a premium plan that gives users access to curated feeds, wallet and collection analysis, and real-time activity updates. Its NFT Evening platform also allows users to promote NFT events or NFT projects for a boost in visibility. In addition, Icy Tools provides a calendar of NFT mints and events, which can reduce time spent grinding in Discord. Moreover, the platform supports multiple NFT platforms and blockchains.

Transaction Feeds

NFT analytics tools are a valuable asset for anyone looking to invest in the crypto space. They can help you find NFT rarities, track whale wallets, and make smarter investment selections. They can also alert you to potential scams and frauds. While some of these tools may be prone to wash trading and other issues, they can still provide you with important insights into the NFT market.

While there are many free NFT analytics tools, paid alternatives offer more reliable data and features. For instance, Gem offers NFT traders a real-time transaction feed, a comprehensive NFT database, and an NFT marketplace. It also tracks and displays trends in NFT market activity. However, it is important to note that Gem was recently acquired by OpenSea – and some of the platform’s features are being integrated into the new marketplace.

Other paid NFT tools offer similar features, but some are better suited for specific use cases. For example, if you’re tracking a particular collection or NFT artist, you can check out the activity page for their wallet on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, and Rarible. This will give you a clear picture of their transaction history, including snipes and sales.

Another great tool is Trait Sniper, which tracks NFT collections and their prices in real time. It also shows rare rankings as soon as a project is revealed, which is useful for NFT traders who want to snipe projects with low prices. Its developers also maintain a Discord channel where users report bugs and ask questions.

NFT Plazas is a good choice for users who are new to NFTs and DeFi, and it can even help you discover the next big thing in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It tracks popular NFT collections and sales on major platforms and provides an analysis of the current market’s health. You can also create custom notifications and track the evolution of your own NFT collection.

NFT Plazas is a free tool for NFT collectors and investors. It tracks NFTs across 58 different NFT marketplaces and offers a trending tab to show what’s hot right now. You can also filter the trending tab by price range and collectible type.

Profit Leaderboards

Aside from a real-time floor price, icy tools also has a profit leaderboard that ranks NFT wallets by the total amount of money they’ve made by buying and selling NFTs. This is a useful feature for those who want to learn from other collectors and develop a strategy of their own. It also shows how the best NFT traders manage their portfolios and make smart trades that maximize profits.

Icy tools is an NFT analytics platform that has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to see all the new minting NFT collections in a trending page. The platform also includes a discover page where you can find new NFTs that are currently available to buy. You can even build a custom real-time feed by favoriting collections and wallets you care about. It also has a Wallet Analysis, which lets you see all the mints, buys, and sells of any wallet in real time.

Other NFT analytics platforms exist, but they tend to have a clunky interface and require users to buy an NFT in order to gain access. The icy tools platform is free to use and regularly updated, and it’s one of the most polished NFT analytics solutions on the market.

The NFT space moves fast, and keeping up with new mint dates, project reveals, and timed auctions can be challenging. NFT trading communities like nftnerds have a wealth of information on Twitter and Discord, but it can be hard to keep track of everything without a comprehensive tool suite. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and paid NFT analytics tools that can help you stay up to date.

NFTers has an easy-to-use aggregator that’s a must-have for any NFT investor. It’s available for iOS and Android devices and works with MetaMask and OpenSea. It also offers a leaderboard that tracks the top 10 NFT buyers and sellers, and its NFT portfolio valuation feature is a bonus. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s looking to invest in NFTs, but doesn’t want to spend more than $75 per month on an expensive analytics tool.


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