Hangry Hippo NFT – A New Entrant in the NFT Verse

Hangry Hippo is a new entrant in the NFT verse. This NFT is a non-fungible token that is currently being sold on Opensea. In order to get your hands on these NFTs, you must be on the whitelist or wait for a public mint.

The NFT collection represents hippos, and the project says it will give 10% of royalties to an organization that provides water in developing countries. The project has also pledged to provide frequent giveaways to platform users. Read more about : hangry hippo nft.

Infinuty8’s philanthropic strategy

Creating a philanthropic strategy brings purpose to gifting and makes it easier to filter requests that do not align with one’s goals. The process of creating a strategy involves uncovering what is important and why, as well as determining the types of issues and organizations that should be prioritized.

Infinuty8’s philanthropic strategy includes a commitment to associate with recognized charity foundations, and the company offers frequent giveaways on its platform. These giveaways are meant to keep the community interested and involved in the project. In addition, the company has a social media presence on Twitter and Discord to help the community stay current with updates.

Hangry Hippo’s philanthropic strategy also includes the creation of an official website and merch store for its NFT collection. The company will release 10,000 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain, each with different features and perks. Buyers can choose between two charities to donate to; an organization that helps feed the homeless and one that protects endangered species. Moreover, the company is giving ten of the Hippos to be withheld to random Hodlers.


In a world where many NFTs are seen as rugpulls with no real utility, the Hangry Hippo pre-sale has positioned itself as a genuine NFT that will enrich its holders. It combines the best of high-quality art with low price points to give buyers massive upside.

The project is a new entrant in the NFT verse, and its assets are now making some noise in secondary market. The NFT is an Ethereum-based collection of 8,888 Happy Hippos assembled from over 1 million options.

The NFT’s creators have made it a point to design the Happy Hippos to be as realistic as possible. They’re also making an effort to respond to current issues in the world, such as Covid-19 and the Zika outbreak. The platform is a great way for the public to interact with Hippos and vote on what they’d like them to do next.

In the future, the team hopes to integrate breeding and commissions in the Happy Hippos ecosystem. This will help the Hippos earn money for doing things they like to do. Besides, the Hippos will be able to participate in social activities, such as cleaning the beaches and oceans. The team is also working on a new dApp that will allow users to get involved in these projects by using their NFTs.

Those who want to own the NFT can either be on the project’s whitelist or try their luck in the public sale. The company will hold a public auction on Opensea once the minting is complete. The winners will be rewarded with free swag and random airdrops of the next collection of NFTs.

The project will also donate to charity in the name of the winner and provide them with an official adoption certificate for a real Hippos. Read more about : hangry hippo nft.

In addition to these perks, Hungry Hippos NFT has plans to host masterminds and educative events that will offer holders networking opportunities with successful people from all over the globe.

This initiative will be implemented through both live calls and physical events. Moreover, the project will also support programs that will help save and clean the oceans, such as Pro2Protect and Hawaii Reef Clean-Up.

Public sale

The Hangry Hippo NFT fuses urban art with the virtual world. Its creator, Nell, breathes life into Hippos by imbuing them with characteristics drawn from pop culture and new age art. The project aims to create a thriving community of NFT owners. The public sale is open to anyone who wants to join. However, intending owners must first be on the Hangry Hippo whitelist or try their luck in the public draw.

Those who want to mint their own Hangry Hippos can do so using the Ethereum blockchain, which holds the NFTs’ records. They can also join a community and take part in events, such as the Hungry Hippos Dinner Party, which is a private club for NFT owners. The club offers perks, such as free swag and random airdrops. The club will also donate a percentage of its proceeds to food charities.

It is worth noting that NFTs often represent some form of artwork, and their value cannot be easily evaluated. For this reason, buyers have a tendency to overrate them. This is why some detractors describe NFTs as overrated assets with little utility. However, the Hangry Hippo NFT collection aims to change this perception by adding a dashboard that helps in assessing the NFTs’ rarity and long-term value.

The NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain and can be purchased through OpenSea. The introductory price is only 0.024 ETH, which is low compared to the high prices of Beeple’s Everydays or the more expensive NFTs from Cryptopunk and BAYC. The developers of the collection have also set the minimum collection price at a level that is not too high for enthusiasts.

The NFTs are designed to be collectibles and will feature a variety of features that make them unique. The initial launch will be limited to 5,555 NFTs, which will allow for a low risk and high upside for those who buy them. The NFTs will also be available for pre-sale, which allows interested parties to purchase NFTs before the public sale. Pre-sale sales will be held in the same way as public ones, but the NFTs will be sold for a lower price.

Future plans

Hippo is a new entrant in the NFT world that has been getting a lot of attention. Its initial sale is over, but it continues to make waves in the secondary market. Its NFT collection represents hippos, and each of them is supposed to have at least one unique feature. The company is donating portions of its proceeds to end world hunger and help protect endangered species.

The team at Hangry hippo has big plans for the future of the project, but they are going to need the input of users to realize them. The platform has a policy of on-boarding any holder who wants to contribute ideas and discuss the future of the ecosystem. This makes it easier for hippo owners to stay informed about all the developments that are taking place.

Besides fostering community spirit, the project also strives to associate with recognized charity foundations and give away prizes to its users on a frequent basis. Moreover, it has an active social media presence and regularly interacts with its potential customers on Twitter and Discord.

These activities are intended to keep prospective buyers keen in anticipation of the project’s launch. Read more about : hangry hippo nft.

While the NFT market is currently saturated with rugpulls, a section of enthusiasts anticipates that it could someday get bigger than the so-called bellwether of the cryptoverse, Bitcoin. The project’s philanthropic strategy includes donating to wildlife organizations in the name of every purchaser. In addition, it also rewards its hippo hodlers with free swag and random airdrops of the next NFT collection.


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