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A collection of racist NFTs called Floydies have hit the blockchain marketplace. The digital artworks are crudely drawn caricatures of George Floyd with bloodshot eyes and a litany of offensive themes.

The NFTs were launched on December 7 on the OpenSea platform. They have been criticized as tasteless and seem to be designed to outrage people. Read more about : floydies nft.

What is a Floydie?

A Floydie is an NFT that represents George Floyd, the African-American man wrongfully killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. The Floydie NFT collection was first launched by anon curators on OpenSea on December 7, just a week after the officer in question was found not guilty. The curators marketed the collection on social media, claiming that Floydies are “a unique and progressive way to celebrate the monumental life of George Floyd.”

The Floydies NFTs are crudely drawn pixel art caricatures of George Floyd, who is shown in various costumes and settings. The NFTs are available for purchase from the Floydies website for $10 each. The creators of the Floydies NFTs claim that proceeds from sales will be donated to charities that support black families and victims of racial violence.

But the true motivations behind the Floydies NFTs seem to be far from progressive. A Telegram group chat viewed by the Daily Dot contains numerous instances of racial slurs, antisemitism, and other offensive content. In addition, the Floydies NFTs are promoted by accounts that are linked to a YouTube channel that promotes white supremacy and other hateful content.

The creation of the Floydies NFTs is just the latest instance of people using crypto to monetize racism. Other NFT projects have made use of race to sell products, including a controversial project that reimagines the murder of Trayvon Martin into a virtual hoodie. The creators of the hoodie project claim that proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will go to charity, but there are no charitable organizations listed on their website and no evidence that the funds will actually be used for that purpose.

The creators of the Floydies NFTs have been criticized for their exploitation of the tragic killing of a black man, and many are calling for them to be reported. Some are also urging others to boycott the Floydies NFTs in protest of their racist and exploitative nature. Hopefully, this will force the creators of these digital items to change their ways and create an NFT collection that honors the life of George Floyd rather than degrades him.

Why are Floydies being made?

George Floyd was a Black man who was wrongly murdered by Minneapolis police in 2020. His death sparked protests and a national reckoning with racism, and helped launch the Black Lives Matter movement. The NFT collection called Floydies was created in his memory, and the proceeds from sales were intended to benefit the Black community. However, many users have criticized the tokens for being tasteless and making a mockery of Floyd. The Floydies collection was launched on the OpenSea platform on December 7 and features pixelated images of Floyd dressed as various characters and in different settings. Some of the images even include him wearing a police uniform and having bloodshot eyes.

Despite the fact that many people have criticized the Floydies NFTs for being tasteless and for making a mockery of Floyd, his family has decided to stand by the project. His brother, Terrance, has made a new collection of NFTs that raise money for charities and more admirably represent George Floyd.

However, the NFT market has a troubled history with racial issues and has been used to sell offensive products. In the past, NFTs have been marketed with racist imagery such as Jungle Freaks and Little Baby Apes. While these NFTs had some level of plausible deniability, Floydies are an example of how virulent strains of racism can thrive in the digital world.

The Floydies NFTs have been criticized for being offensive and for making a mockery of George Floyd, his death and the Black Lives Matter movement. They were also criticized for being sold on a platform that has a history of allowing inappropriate content. Some critics have compared the Floydies to racist memes that are posted on 4chan and Reddit.

The controversy surrounding the Floydies NFTs has also been exacerbated by the fact that some members of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) have liked tweets from the account promoting the tokens. The SFPD’s Central Station bureau is currently investigating the like, which could potentially be seen as a form of endorsement from the police department.

Are Floydies a troll project?

There is no shortage of dumb ideas and unbelievable idiots in the blockchain space, but this new project called Floydies might just take the cake. It’s a collection of NFTs that depict different illustrations of George Floyd, the unarmed Black man who was wrongfully murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in 2020. The project was published on the OpenSea platform on December 7, and it’s generating a lot of controversy. Those who are upset with the NFTs can report the project’s Twitter and OpenSeas accounts, as well as donate to charities that focus on racial justice.

The NFTs are described as “a unique and progressive way to celebrate the life of George Floyd.” The descriptions have been criticized for being tasteless and for mocking Floyd’s death, but they have also received support from some who see the tokens as an opportunity to show their solidarity with BLM and the Black community. Despite the criticism, many people are still buying the tokens.

While the NFTs are not connected to the family of George Floyd, they do have an official website that outlines their goals and offers information about the organization behind them. They are trying to raise money for a scholarship fund in the name of the victim, as well as for the creation of an advocacy group that will work with law enforcement and other communities on anti-racist police tactics.

There are some serious concerns about the Floydies NFTs, including whether they are a troll project that’s cashing in on the recent protests. They’re not the first to exploit the tragedy, but they are a clear example of how low some people will stoop for profit. Whether they think they’re honoring Floyd or showing allyship, what they’re doing is hurtful and offensive.

It’s a shame that there are so many people who are willing to participate in such an insensitive and racist-as-hell project. They should be ashamed of themselves, and anyone who supports them should not donate to them. Hopefully, the backlash against this project will be enough to shut them down for good.

What can we do about Floydies?

Many of the NFTs circling around the Web3 space featuring George Floyd and other Black people who have been wrongly killed by police officers are racist, crude, and tasteless. As such, they’re degrading to those who have been victims of racism and those who are fighting for racial justice and equality. They’re also a money grab by anons who are attempting to exploit the tragedy.

The original collection of Floydies first appeared on NFT marketplace OpenSea in December of last year. The digital artwork consists of caricatures of the deceased African American in various costumes and settings. It’s postured as a “progressive way to celebrate the monumental life of George Floyd” and has since triggered a number of contentious debates regarding intellectual property and race.

There are a number of different Floydies available for sale, including ones depicting him as an angel, astronaut, a minion, or in front of the trans flag. The NFTs are sold for between 0.001 and 0.025 Ethereum each, which is quite cheap for the digital art. As a result, the NFTs are attracting a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts and have accumulated a large number of likes on Twitter.

In a bid to further amplify the Floydies, their creators have recently begun promoting them on the NFT social media platform Reddit and on Instagram. The accounts also feature a YouTube channel where they’ve been uploading a series of videos featuring the Floydies.

Nevertheless, the NFTs remain controversial and a cause for concern for many in the crypto community. This is particularly true because they’re being promoted by an official police account. The San Francisco police department is investigating the incident. Read more about : floydies nft.

According to the terms of service for OpenSea, items or collections can be removed from the platform if they’re found to breach one or more of its conditions. These include infringement of copyright or trademarks, promoting suicide or self-harm, inciting hatred or violence, and degrading or doxing another person.

NFTs circulating in the Floydies space have been found to violate all of these conditions. As such, they should be removed from the platform immediately.


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